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Apr 27, 2021

This week Mike and jeremy pay tribute to legendary songwriter, producer, recording artist, and mastermind behind Meatloaf's Bat out Of Hell album Jim Steinman.

Apr 22, 2021

And just like that....... Whoop! There it is! In this episode, we talk about rap star, actor, and Brain Supreme of Tag Team, DC Glenn!

Apr 20, 2021

This week, Mike and Jeremy interview legendary guitarist, songwriter, and performer Shane Fontayne.

Apr 13, 2021

This week Mike and Jeremy discuss Phil Collins's amazing musical run in the 1980s with help from Patreon supporter and Phil Collins super fan RJ. Santos 

Apr 6, 2021

This week Mike and Jeremy have the privilege to interview singer/ songwriter John Waite and discuss his latest release the Wooden Heart Box Set